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Hey Inspire-natators!!!! Welcome to Live 2 Inspire. I'm glad you have decided to become apart of the movement. The purpose of Live to Inspire is to be able to cultivate you to be the very best you. We all go through something right? Some more than others and its okay! We are not here to judge... unless you ask. It's in this, that makes us good for each other. How? Well, we can learn from each other successes, failures and so on. It's in this that we will motivate, encourage, support and grow with each other... For instance, I am a mother of 3 (biologically) and have a handful of amazing god children whom I hold very dear. My life was not handed to me on a silver platter, and I had to rely on God and pray for strength plenty of days. I struggled, kept my faith and sometimes let over-thinking get in the way to discourage me from seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. I just knew that I was not the only person going through what I was and by Gods unchanging favor he sent messages along the way. He sent people along the way to teach me patience, to test my anger and to encourage me to keep pushing forward. I knew I was destined to be more than what I viewed in the mirror each day. There were these things He gifted to me. I was able to provide another much-needed source of income and to touch people lives. However, in order for people to be able to make the decision to be motivated or at least stay persistent with their gift, I needed a creative way of doing so. Now, my life is not perfect, and I am not here to convert your religious beliefs to my own. I'm here to share my experiences, my story, to help you stay encouraged and motivated. Everyone can use a little push and may not have that person to do just that. Being an Inspire-natator and joining the community, will give your insight to know you are not alone. Whether your niche is writing, painting, music (all platforms), tattoos, cooking or fashion the list goes on, we're here for it. Share your talents, give some advice, show support!! You never know, your story may be what the next person needs to get going in their life and the possibilities are endless. To learn more about me and what I do, check out the CV and Blog section(s). If you’re feeling Inspired write a blog and tag a picture or two its cool! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @_live2.n.spire_ and Facebook @live.II.n.spire for more updates! Remember its all love here! 💋


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