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"And, Welcome to Live2Inspire..."

Photography By Pnoid Pictures

Welcome, you've finally made it! Thank you for stopping by and showing your support, curiosity and dedication. You know all that good stuff!!! Now that is out of the way, let me tell me you why I started this website.

This website had been in the making for a very long time and after finally being tired of asking different people (family & friends) for help or even paying a complete stranger $hundreds$of$dollars.. I decided to just get it done. Why not, right? Then I started thinking about all what I wanted to accomplish and most importantly why haven't I done so? Yes!! all these thoughts went through my head while in the midst of a busy schedule (work, family, running a household, writing a book and manuscript, performing poetry, hosting and event planning). I mean by the end of the day, Chillle I was tired, beyond tired even. Then one day, it hit me... "I got bills & a ton of them". Now DONT GET ME WRONG, I have always had bills and I have been on my own since the age of 17. But Hunty!!… these bills during this time were on steroids! These bills were eating my little career check to check right on up. Yes!! you read correctly "career check". I had been grinding so hard for so long, that I just became use to a routine, and I did not realize that all the schooling on top of sacrifices that were made was beginning to look as well as feel pointless. That's right, I had looked up into debt. I mean my debt was so bad, that my debt had debt and I had little funds to work with. I started questioning myself, I knew I was talented, but I could not get anything done with always worry about my bills and maintaining my household for my loved ones. I knew that even though I would get hired for little side jobs, that was not enough to make my ends meet. The work was not as regular for me to work solely on the business I wanted for myself. I wanted and needed to invest in me. Give that time and energy I was giving the agencies I was working for. Finally, after several years of frustration and just being tired, I asked God to order my steps like he did several times before. Then boom it's been happening ever since. My journey, trials and tribulations had made me realize that this is the journey and story of many of our lives. Although, we all take different paths, it's up to us on how we make and take that journey. It's how you choose to move, how you choose to be and what you choose to do that makes your journey. You can make it a good journey or a long extended miserable one by your attitude and outlook on life alone. Thank GOD I chose to make it a good one and, in that choice, is how I came to start Live2Inspire. I want to be able to live my life inspiring others to give the very best part of themselves by giving the very best of myself. And, that my darlings are through my creativity. So, enjoy!

To me, this picture is a reflection of possibilities. Every window you see is a reflection of everything you want in life. How far are you willing to go to get it? Are you ready to climb, hand-glide, run, walk, take the escalator or elevator to it? Now, they may be detours and alternative routes and there will be distractions on every corner. However, there will be a time when you will need to stop (be still) and when you may need to go (walk by faith). Ultimately, it's up to you how fast you move to get there but keep moving towards that goal and what God has in store for you will prevail. #Live2Inspire

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