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"TT's Treasure Treats"

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Creative genius Mone' Patterson vision for her company "TT's Treasured Treats" came about after the passing of her grandmother "Grandma Tee". Grandma Tee, was Mone's #1 supporter when it came to Mone' being creative and expressing herself. Mone' started out doing party favors and small events for family members "free of charge" to being booked every weekend as she takes Buffalo by storm.

"I love being an Event Designer because its very rewarding to see the reactions on my clients faces that I was able to bring their vision to life".

With every event, Mone' tries to create experiences that people will remember. With her motto being "Leaving you with memories you can Treasure Forever", Mone' keeps her clients in amazement and truly shows that there is no limit to being creative.

"Some adversities I faced when starting my business was trying to build clientele. Usually, people will lean towards the person who is most popular. But, once they started learning about me and seeing my work they came. Then I faced another issue. I was under charging myself, I did not see a profit and for some reason I was afraid to charge full amounts. I thought, what if I lose clientele? But, something had to give and I started charging my worth. For every 2 out of 3 people that said "no" there was that 1 willing to pay without negotiating."

Mone's advice for any up and coming event planners is research the industry because it is constantly changing. Stay on top of what's the "new" big thing, take classes if need be, INVEST in your business and lastly don't try to compete with other planners be your own competition to push yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

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