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MY God My Love My Inspiration...

From award winning Spoken Word artist and motivator, Margo "Ms. Margo B." Lee comes a classic treasure of her most admired poetry and conversations. "My God My Love My Inspiration" helps you find your love for God, people and life lessons. There will be beacons of light for your soul. There will be inspiration to help break up some of the turmoil of everyday life. "My God My Love My Inspiration" will give you hope on your journey and restore your love of life.

A hard copy can be found on Amazon (release date May 8th) or pre-order via Kindle on April 30th, just in time for Mother's Day.

About The Author: Third generation Buffalo, New York native Margo "Ms. Margo B." Lee founded in 2019 and turned it into a platform for various talented people. An avid author, spoken word artist, and layout designer, Margo stands firm on her love for God and spreading His message. She now lives in Amherst, New York with her family where she continues to write.

"During this time, life as I knew it was long gone. There were no more kids that had to be in before the streetlights, house parties with dance battles, getting in trouble by a neighbor and getting reprimanded when you got home. Those times were faded, and it seemed that the breaking news was at an all-time high. Lives were being taken without throwing punches or having a disagreement. Life was no longer adored. You could be here one minute and gone in a matter of milliseconds. Children during these days had lost respect for that elderly woman sitting on the bus on her way to bible study and this world was never going to be the same, unless that individual decided to change their way of thinking."

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