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“Own the Room" with Jennifer L. Harris

Jennifer walks with the confidence as she owns the room with her charismatic and contagious personality. She connects with a diverse population of women in areas of fashion, beauty and healthy body imagine.

With an immense amount of thirst around fashion, beauty and living boldly; Jennifer uses her voice to inspire and motivate women to feel beautiful inside and out. She passionately invites her constituents to embrace their wholeness and one of her favorite quotes is “It’s not about the size you wear, it’s about how you wear your size.”

Jennifer has committed herself to using her life and story to become a fashion influencer to focus on beauty, life and love at size.

As a body image consultant, Jennifer prides herself on treating each and every one of her clients with respect, compassion and empathy. She’s a dynamo at moving them from drab to fab in a way that fits their needs, personality and desires. In her blog, she writes about all the ways her followers can incorporate fashion and confidence into their everyday life. Through this medium, it’s her desire to encourage and motivate all women to step into any room and “own” it. | | FB: Jennifer Harris | IG: Pizazz1908

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