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Best known for being a Spoken Word Artist, I began writing at a young age and I have been in the public's eye since early 2010. I have been interviewed by Black WNY, 2012 and even won 2019 BMMCA Poet of The Year. I thrive as an entertainer of the arts and quickly accumulated to the growing world around me. Born and partially raised in Buffalo, NY, my humble beginnings started at a young age from relocating from the south to North Buffalo. I often would tell people that I had the best of two worlds by growing up in North Buffalo and the Inner city. Living in areas like Central Park, Riverside and Cold Spring; I learned quickly to get submerged in your gift or lose it. But being a free spirit and having family in Broadway, Jasper, Langfield, Bailey and Bissell areas, I quickly became a friend to all people in different walks of life. I was always multi-talented and gifted with writing. I remember being involved in local rap battles as a teenager to being involved with varies groups and clubs (YMCA on Ferry and The Boys and Girls Club on Northland). I was the girl everyone knew but really did not know. I was busy with keeping myself busy and following my many crafts I picked up along the way. All I knew was I loved music, dancing, drawing, writing and being creative with everything from nails, hair to clothing and sense of style. As years flew by and I became grounded in my craft, I found myself not only being a spoken world artist, an author with an eye for décor\decorating, but I was good at it. I soon would dedicate my life by inspiring others with words of encouragement, writings, life lessons, motivational speaking and my poetry. Some would say, I had a calling on my life since an early age and I was an "old soul" that was driven to make a change in the world. I was the person that would run into a lot of people that was talented as ever. Yet, no one knew this and here I was trying to tell them or write down how they could expand. I was talking about building brands before that was a thing or even called a thing. But, just like everyone else who was trying to make a life for themselves, life happened, and I needed to come up with plan to evolve and make a life for myself and my family. Knowing there is so much more to capture in lifetime and determined to help everyone see the blessing(s) in theirs. I quickly obtained two degrees, work full-time and started a business on the side. By serving one client/person at a time, praying every step of the way and walking by faith the rest of the way. It was like one day I looked up and God had ordered my steps into performing for the Domestic Violence Coalition, Buffalo State College, The Masons and Morning Stars of the Naomi Chapter, 96.5 Mother's Day Luncheon, several local Churches, Weddings, Events and Funerals throughout Buffalo, NY: Duluth, GA and Norfolk, VA. He made it possible for me to open up for the late Chauncey Northington, DSB, LaTonya "Diva" Granberry and Author Sharon Spruill. I had opportunities to write screen plays, story boards for different artist and videos, silent films directed by Xpressed Entertainment and hosted several events and Fashion Plays. Still standing on making a difference, I was surprised when I was voted Poet of the Year, BMMCA 2019, but I know how my God works. I was humbly working on what was given to me to do, I had no clue that when I asked for Him to order my steps I would one day look back and said, "I have done more than I could ever imagine." I asked what's the next step of business God? Very blessed and Thankful, I am still going. I am still determined to be that difference I want to see in the world. I am not only an up-and-coming Writer, Motivation Speaker, Spoken Word Artist and Poet, I am also a Coordinator for any event your heart desires such as Birthday Parties, Weddings, Baby/Bridal Showers, Bachelorettes/Bachelor Parties, Holiday Parties and more! Standing on a firm belief in God, I believe in giving back and shedding the light on all the talented people around me, people who want to take it to the next level and may not know how to. I want to connect people with those that had no idea the talents they possess and are looking for very same talent to assist them. With Live 2 Inspire, God confirmed that I still have work to do and guess what? I am readily available. Be sure to follow me on all social outlets by clicking the social media icons below, stay tuned for interviews, conversations and stories from people who are also destined for greatness, just like you. Remember Live 2 Inspire, It's Just Not an Experience... It's A Lifestyle!!!

To God Be the Glory... Amen and God Bless.

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